Scilly Swimrun

 29 Aug – 1st Sept 2024.

Scilly60 Events is proud to be bringing the beautiful sport of  Swimrun back to the Isles of Scilly with a full weekend of events catering for all abilities.

 Participants will experience spectacular scenary as they make their way under their own power over the land and sea that make up the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty known as the Isles of Scilly.  

The Events:

Guided Swimrun. Cost Free

A relaxed taster event to gently try this sport or to see Scilly from a different perspective. All abilities welcome. 

4km running, 1km swimming. All swimming will be in shoulder height water. Perfect for newbies.

Junior Swimrun. Cost Free

One for the kids.

Four different routes to suit all abilities from babes in arms to strong teenagers. Total Fun!

St Mary’s Swimrun Half. Cost per person: £50 before 1st March, £55 after 1st March, £60 after 1st July.

A course covering the south west side of St Mary’s.

7.3km Running, 1km swimming. Total 8.3km. A bit more than a walk in the park.

St Mary’s Swimrun Full. Cost per person: £80 before 1st March, £90 after 1st March, £100 after 1st July. 

A full circumnavigaion of the island of St Mary’s.

14km Running, 2.1km Swimming Total 16.1km. A perfect all rounder. 

Archipelago Swimrun. Cost per person: £180 before 1st March, £200 after 1st March, £220 after 1st July.

An all-day event taking in many different islands, both inhabited and uninhabited. 

28km Running, 8km Swimming. Total 36km. Not for the faint-hearted. 

Further details and timings of all races below.

Please note: distances are approximate and routes may change dependent on weather

The Event Itinery

Thursday 29th August. 1400.

First off – The Guided Swimrun session, a fabulous opportunity to experience what Swimrun is all about. A leisurely Swimrun guided by event organiser Wez Swain and an excellent introduction into this land and sea sport. The course will involve 3 swims and 5 runs, totaling about 600m of swimming and 5km of running, with plenty of chat and support along the way. Not a race but a social event and a chance to ‘dip your toes in the water’. 


Friday 30th August.

1000 – Registration opens for the St Mary’s Full and Half courses.

1330 – Race briefing for the St Mary’s Full and Half courses

1400 –  The St Mary’s Full Swimrun race starts. This involves a complete circumnavigation of St Mary’s – approximately 12km of running and 3km of swimming.

1410 – The St Mary’s Half Swimrun race starts. This will total around 7km of running and 1km of swimming around the Southwest of St Mary’s. These athletes should all finish just before those taking part in the St Mary’s Full race.

1500 – 1730 Swimrunners expected at the finish line.


Saturday 31st August.

1430 – Keeping the kids involved there will be a Junior Swimrun, which has four separate routes for varying age and ability brackets. This is always a highlight with the whole community coming together to support the younger generation (adults are allowed to support the little ones). To get an idea of the amazing atmosphere, here is a link to the first Junior swimrun  

1435 – 1545 Junior swimrunners expected to cross the finish line.

1600 – Registration opens for the Archipelago Swimrun.

1700 – Race Briefing.

Sunday 1st September 

0910 – Everybody to meet at the start line.

0930 – The headline and the final event on the programme will be the Archipelago Swimrun.  This is for experienced open water swimmers and trail runners. A challenging event that involves up to 8km of open water swimming between islands (some with strong currents) and 30km of trail running on larger inhabited and smaller uninhabited islands which make up the archipelago of the Isles of Scilly.

1340 – First swimrunners expected.

1745 – Last swimrunners expected.

Whether an athlete or spectator, Scilly Swimrun will be huge fun and the closing event for Ocean Scilly 24. The Festival and swimrun weekend will conclude with a celebratory social event on the Sunday evening.

The Logistics

This event involves travelling to the Isles of Scilly which are a group of islands off the coast of Cornwall in the UK.

All events start from Holgates Green on St Marys. Before booking a place on the swimrun you will need to have booked your accommodation and confirmed your travel arrangements.

Your race fees include:

  • A swimrun in the iconic Isles of Scilly archipelago
  • A donation to the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust for managing the land we enjoy.
  • Full safety back up, both on land and sea.
  • A piece of beautiful artwork, by local artist Erica Hicks, on completion of the event (this is instead of a medal)
  • Each participant taking part in the St Mary’s Half or St Mary’s Full will receive a Scilly60 events cap
  • Participants in the Archipelago Swimrun will receive a Scilly60 Swimrun T-Shirt.

The countdown is on!








It is a real privilege to be bringing swimrun back to the Isles of Scilly. Join us on beautiful trails linked by crystal clear seas as you travel through an environment that feels like it was made with swimrun in mind. If this isn’t paradise for a swimrunner, it can’t be far off!

I hope to see you on the start line!

Wez Swain, Scilly Swimrun Organiser

Important Information

Before signing up, please read the key points below:

Travel & Accommodation

You will need travel by air or sea to Scilly – you can only drive as far as Cornwall. You will also need accommodation – there are campsites, B&Bs, hotels and self-catering cottages, but accommodation can get booked up early.

More at ‘Visit Isles of Scilly’


Although day trips are possible,  we would strongly recommend planning extra days on the island either side of your event to ease stress levels if the weather is tricky.

Read our FAQs Below


We will provide energy stations throughout the swimruns. However you are free to carry what you like. Swimrunners may wish to carry multiple gels emptied into a soft flask to be used when they need it, for example. Please do not dispose of anything en route.

Read our FAQs Below

Race Conditions of Entry

  • You can race as a pair or solo. You can change between either up to 15th August at no extra cost. Just email
  • There are three prices for each race. A normal race fee, an Early Bird race fee for those wishing to sign up before 1st March 2024 and a late race fee for those who sign up after June 30th.
  • Those signing up for the Archapelago event, after June 30th, will receive a cap rather than a T-shirt as the T-shirts are printed to order to avoid waste.
  • Swimhats must be worn during ALL swims. Swim hats are provided for all.
  • If you feel you have enough swim hats at home, you can return them after the race to be reused at future events.
  • The Isles of Scilly is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), so we need everyone to enjoy and respect this delicate environment. As such, this is a no-litter race.
  • Race bibs must be worn and visable at all times. These must be returned after the event. 
  • The course may change in the build up to the event due to weather/erosion. Any changes will be annouced on the website and social media in the few days building up to the event.
  • Please book accommodation and travel, before paying your event entry fee.
  • Refunds – due to large outlays, we cannot offer refunds. However, we strongly recommend taking out event insurance due to you not being able to take part for any reason.
  • The event is mainly organised by just one person (Wez Swain), so please be patient if it takes longer than anticipated to get back to you via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the terrain be like?

All islands have short steep hills. 95% of the run is on the coast path or trails, with a small amount of running on beaches/sand and road. Although the maximum elevation is only about 93m there are plenty of ups and downs throughout the day – it is hillier than you may think!

Is there an age limit?

Yes, you must be at least 18 to take part in the Guided Swimrun, St Mary’s Half, St Mary’s Full and Archipelago. There is no maximum age limit. The Junior Swimrun is for all ages.

Can I take part in a team?

Yes. You can choose to be in a pair or solo. Pairs must keep within 10m of each other. A bungee cord connecting both is advised for the swims 

How strict are the timing cut-offs?

Very. The cut offs are for everyone’s safety. Please train hard, we prefer to be nice to everyone.

Will there be energy stations?

Yes. There will be a variety of energy stations at each event.

What happens to my post race kit?

You can leave it in your accommodation or at the start line.

Can I have a shower at the finish?

No. You will need to return to your accommodation to do this.

If I'm staying on a different island, how do I get to and from the race?

You will need to contact the boating organisation for that island: 
St Agnes Boating – 
Tresco Boats – 
St Mary’s Boatmen’s Association (for St Mary’s and St Martin’s)
Also: Endeavour Rib Services or Falcon Boating

What about the environment?

This is a no-litter race. We will disqualify anyone who is caught littering the landscape.
We make a donation to the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust from your entry fee.
We also discuss the route with the Wildlife Trust to make sure there is minimal impact from the event on wildlife and the environment. 

What if my plans change? Can I defer or have a refund?

We currently don’t offer deferrals. Please see the race conditions of entry above.

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