The Tide Race

A half marathon with a difference; Can you run around two islands to return before the tide cuts you off?

21 kilometres | 2 islands | 1 extraordinairy race.

Thursday 22nd August 2024

The Tide Race


Racers will start on Tresco, just south of Plumb island at 1210. From here a short – but wet, knee deep run will take you to Merrick Island. A quick high 5 then back to Tresco to run around the entirety of Tresco Island’s coast path.

On returning to the start, you will cross the nearly dry sand bar to Bryher.

A loop of Bryher will put the finish line in sight. Then its just one more crossing of the sand bar back to Tresco. 

It’s not a race about how fast you run, more of how wet will you get!

A timing station on Bryher next to the Hell Bay Hotel will have the only cut off at 1410. Runners not passing this point before the stated time will cut 4km from their route and head directly across the island so they can cross the sandbar safely.

These Islands are part of the Isles of Scilly Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; whatever your speed, this will be a stunning day out .



The Logistics

It is the runners responsibility to get to and from the start line on Tresco. There will be plenty of tripper boats taking people from all islands to Tresco in the morning.

The Race:

The Race Starts at 1210.

Low Tide is at 1341

Hell Bay Cut off is at 1410

First finisher expected at 1350

Course closes at 1510


Cost. £35 before July 22nd 2024 (£45 after)

All finishers will receive a Scilly60 events Cap.

The Countdown Begins!








The Tide Race is part of a fun day out exploring and enjoying two beautiful islands in a very unique race. 

I hope to see you on the start line!

Wez Swain, Scilly60 Events Organiser

The Race

Important Information

Take the time to think about the whole event. Although the race is under 3 hours long, most people will probably choose to spend at least a couple of nights on Scilly. It is possible to do a day trip, though flying will be the best way of achieving this with minimal stress.  

I have outlined some of the key points below, but you should also read our Frequently Asked Questions before signing up.

Travel & Accommodation

You will need travel by air or sea to Scilly – you can only drive as far as Cornwall. You will likely need accommodation – there are campsites, B&Bs, hotels and self-catering cottages, but accommodation books up early.

More at ‘Visit Isles of Scilly’


There will be multiple tripper boats over to Tresco at the start of the day. These usually start from about 1015. It is better to get an early boat rather than miss the last boat.

Read our FAQs Below


There will be a water station at the start line, please bring your own reusuable cups. Better still, bring a water bottle and leave it by your bag. A waterproof bag is recommended.

Read our FAQs Below

Race Conditions of Entry

  • The earlybird entry fee is £35 per person. After July 22nd this cost rises to £45
  • No people or dogs can accompany a runner.
  • The course may change in the build up to the event due to weather/erosion. Though it will be approximately 21km/13 miles in total.
  • Please pay for the event AFTER you have booked travel and accommodation.
  • Refunds – If you are no longer able to compete in Scilly60 please let us know as soon as possible. You will be reimbursed all but £15 which will cover our admin fees.
  • The event is mainly organised by just one person, so occasionally I may take time to get back to you with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the terrain be like?

 Both islands have short steep hills. The run is on coast path, concrete road and sand. Although the maximum elevation is only about 93m there are plenty of ups and downs throughout the day – it is hillier than you may think!

Is there an age limit?

Yes, you must be at least 18 to take part. There is no maximum age limit. 

Can I take part in a team?

Yes. It is the same price as two separate people though as you will both get souvenirs. You can ‘pass the batton’ at Merrick Island.

Can I book in on the day?

Yes. Before 1130, if possible please try to book as soon as you know as it make the organising easier.

How strict are the timing cut-offs?

Very. We want everyone to enjoy the run, but also to be safe. If you don’t get to Hell Bay hotel by 1410 you will take a short cut back so you can cross back to Tresco safely before the tide is too high. 

Will there be energy stations?

No – you need to plan and carry what you need for each stage. You can leave water/snacks with your bag at the start line as this also doubles as the middle and end of the race.

What happens to my kit?

Your bag will be left near the start line. There will be marshalls nearby keeping any eye on it. A waterproof bag is advised with a change of clothes inside.

Is the boat taking us to/from Tresco covered?

No – dress accordingly for the weather.

Can I have a shower at the finish?

No – but we can provide a huge salty bath for all!

If I'm staying on a different island, how do I get to and from the race?

There will various boating organisations offering trips to Tresco on the day. The cost of the boat is NOT covered by the race, you will need to pay for this on the day. St Mary’s boatmans assosiation, Tresco boats, St Agnes boating, Endeavour Rib Services and Falcon Boating all offer inter-island travel.

Can I follow the race online.

Runners will not be tracked, though there will be a live Facebook video showing the start, middle and finish for all friends and family to follow at home.

What about the environment?

Although I am sure this does not need to be said, This is a no-litter race, please respect our beautiful home so others can enjoy it in the future. The race will also make a donation to the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust. The race course is inspected and approved by the Wildlife Trust to cause minimal disturbances to the environment.

What if my plans change? Can I defer or have a refund?

Please see the race conditions of entry above.

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